About Us

Hydrate With Us, LLC is a Nashville, TN based company founded by two long-time friends and a belief that your company’s drinking water program can and should be better. We provide the best bottle-less drinking water purification systems on the market, believe that how we service your business should reflect how you feel about our company, and have a passion for making the world just a little bit better than we found it.

It is our sincere hope that you become our customer because it just makes sense and that you stay our customer because you love our company and our products. Call us and give us just a few minutes of your time so we can share with you how we can help



Eliminate the need for 5 gallon or single serve bottled water

No more plastic in the ocean


Reduce your carbon footprint

We hope to see you only once a year


Make your employees healthier

Reduce cross-contamination and keep everyone hydrated


Provide the highest quality water

Proven through testing and certification

Interested in our water purification systems?

Pure drinking water at the touch of a button while keeping our world and your workplace healthy.